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Let me tell you a story called Sexual Street Harassment

Note from the blogger:I decided to write in English because there´s a lot of people out there that should know about the reality of being a girl or a woman in Nicaragua. 

Hey friends from the international community, as part of this week against street harassment I wanted to share a story with you. 
I was born in a small Latin-American country called Nicaragua. Yes it sounds exotic and wild. It is, we are a multicultural and multilingual country, surrounded by the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, we have a lot of volcanos, lakes, rivers, mountains and flat lands too. It is a very beautiful and amazing place to discover. But, behind amazing things there´s always a counterpart that we usually don´t talk about and like every country in the world, we have our problems. One of ours is called “machismo”.

Being a girl and/or a woman around the world is not easy. In a world dominated by men, we have to work twice as hard to get a good job and to maintain the job. Sometimes we have t…